Day: August 24, 2016

What does good look like? An evening with civil society leaders

The Millennial stereotype is a working hypothesis. What we do know is that socially engaged young people with technology have made enormous impact in their communities. So, we should involve young people in decision-making and policy-making activities while they are young to improve the world. Young people’s voices are by themselves no less legitimate than older voices. In some cases, socially engaged young people have much to contribute to society.

[Five lessons from the ACM] Lesson 4: Harnessing the interconnections of the network

The Annual Curators Meeting 2016 (“ACM”) provided many useful lessons for effective contribution to the Global Shapers Community. I was privileged to represent the Hong Kong Hub as its Deputy Curator. Here is the fourth of the five lessons I learnt. Connecting hubs with common goals to work on projects and yielding high synergy are pillar objectives, giving the meaning

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