Day: August 31, 2016

Leadership lesson from the Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

At the 2016 Annual Curators Meeting, Global Shapers spent time exploring values and considering the issues of leadership development. Among many topics, Shapers were asked to consider as leaders the strengths and weaknesses in expressing vulnerability; balancing individual control and collaboration; and standing alone and building a following to enhance a vision. Prof. Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World

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Solving Fourth Industrial Revolution challenges with systems thinking

The cover image depicts a synchrotron conduit cut-out from CERN. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (“4IR”) challenges are a mash of issues arising from complex, rapidly changing, post-structural, and interconnected systems. What really matters is: How should we articulate the problems to help us formulate viable solutions? “Systems thinking” may offer an effective approach. Conditions of tomorrow, today

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