My experiences in youth leadership engagement

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In my recent visit to Geneva, I spoke with Dr. David Nabarro, the Special Adviser on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to the United Nations Secretary-General, about the youth leadership at a World Economic Forum event. He said that youth is a time of transformation and experimentation. We discussed about the issues of establishing opportunities for developing young leaders that emphasize both skills and character. The conversation led me to think about my past experiences in organizing youth leadership and young professional development events, where I tried to apply my professional knowledge and skills to benefit the relevant communities.

In Hong Kong Lawyer in August 2015, I reported:

The Young Coalition Professional Group of the Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services (“YCPG”) held the Third Youth Forum on 4 July at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. The YCPG is comprised of the young members’ groups of 11 Hong Kong professional bodies, including the Young Solicitors’ Group (“YSG”) of the Law Society. The Forum has been a symposium for topics critical to young professionals. The title of the 2015 Forum is “Succession to Success: Developing Next Generation Leaders”, and discussions were held on intergenerational issues relating to professional and business development in Hong Kong. Over 420 members and guests of YCPG member bodies attended.


The 2015 Forum began with a dialogue between the Hon. C.Y. Leung, the Chief Executive of HKSAR, representatives of the YCPG and audience members. Before the dialogue began, the YCPG conducted an online survey to poll participants’ views on a range of issues impacting young professionals, including social mobility, government support, career prospects, political reform and general economic outlook. This was the first time such a survey was conducted at the Forum, and it facilitated the sharing of opinions between participants and speakers on stage through mobile devices.




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