Tag: Intergenerational Equity

Solving Fourth Industrial Revolution challenges with systems thinking

The cover image depicts a synchrotron conduit cut-out from CERN. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (“4IR”) challenges are a mash of issues arising from complex, rapidly changing, post-structural, and interconnected systems. What really matters is: How should we articulate the problems to help us formulate viable solutions? “Systems thinking” may offer an effective approach. Conditions of tomorrow, today

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Population policy and the law

I have published in the February edition of the Law Society of Hong Kong’s official journal “The Hong Kong Lawyer” an open letter inviting members of the legal profession to participate in population policy development (the “Letter”). The Public Engagement Exercise on Population Policy (the “Engagement Exercise”) was conducted by the Chief Secretary for Administration of the

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Debating intergenerational issues: A legal perspective

Human longevity and related medical advances will reshape the zeitgeist in a multitude of human endeavours. No, duh! At the cusp of the computer/Internet revolution, we had no idea where the technology will take us (or we the tech). We would delude ourselves if we believe we can currently fathom the socio-economic and political implications

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